Wheeling allows solar electricity to be generated in one location and purchased directly by a company or institution in another. Where regulation allows, such as in Jordan, Yellow Door Energy purchases land and builds solar power generating assets that are directly associated with electricity accounts in urban environments. This allows companies or institutions that may not have appropriate land or roof space, such as a hotel or shopping mall, to enjoy the cost savings of solar energy.

If you are based in Jordan and have properties that may benefit from solar power, please contact our Jordan office.

+962 6 553 7246

Suite 302, Prime Centre 13
Tla'a Al-Ali, Zuhar Street
Amman, Jordan


Switch to Clean Energy • Save on Utility Bills • Reduce Carbon Emissions

Specialty Hospital & Istiklal Mall

3.96 MWp Ground-Mount Solar Plant
Wadi Al Ash Valley, Jordan


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