We are establishing an office in Pakistan to provide solar power solutions to commercial and industrial customers. We help our customers reduce power costs and company overheads. 

We are planning to establish partnerships with experienced solar channel partners.

Pakistan Renewable Energy Summit

Yellow Door Energy spoke at the Pakistan Renewable Energy Summit (PRES) in Islamabad on September 26, 2019. We discussed corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) and how they can help decarbonize the power industry. Thank you to the organizers for having us at your prestigious summit.


Financing Capability: We recently raised $65 million in Series A financing and can provide funding in debt and equity for Pakistan projects over the next 3 years.

Credible Reputation: We have existing relationships with many leading multinational companies (e.g. Unilever, Nestlé, and Carrefour); several prominent global investors are investing in our company, signalling their trust in our competence and capability;

Solar Experience: Our in-house team of solar PV engineers have successfully developed projects worldwide; we have over 100 MW of solar projects operating, under construction and signed.

Risk Management Expertise: We provide reliable solutions to address C&I customers’ power generation problems. We enforce comprehensive reviews of customer risk profiles.

Ability to Scale: Our partners will grow and scale with us. Together, we will generate profitable and cost-effective power solutions that also improve the environment.

If you have an industrial solar project that requires financing, please contact us.

IFC will invest
$19 million in Yellow Door Energy

“This investment will help local businesses tap into a clean, reliable supply of energy while demonstrating the potential of small-scale solar systems in Pakistan and other countries suffering from power shortages.”


Mr. Umer Farooq
VP – Investments
Yellow Door Energy
+92 303 846 4444

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