From corporate to environmental – we stand for sustainability

It is our business to be sustainable! Our goal is to not only make an impact financially but also socially and environmentally with our business decisions. As employees of a clean energy company, we are united by a shared vision and passion for a greener world.

Sustainability is at the heart of who we are and what we do, and it builds our reputation for reliability. With reliability comes taking ownership of everything we do, such as delivering products and services to the highest standards, going the extra mile for our customers, ensuring the health and safety of our stakeholders, engineering the most efficient solutions, or investing time in developing long-term relationships with our partners. We believe in sustainable long-term growth and our actions reflect this belief.


We are passionate about delivering a positive impact

Our passion to make a positive impact gives us energy and a sense of purpose. We have an innate desire to learn, win and deliver. We do not settle for the mediocre. Instead, we exude quality, determination, hard work and excellence in everything we do.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment which rewards creativity and ensure we have the right tools to realize our ideas. We believe in making a positive impact on our profits, our people and our planet. 

Together, we can accelerate the sustainable energy transition. 


Integrity is at the heart of our decision-making

At Yellow Door Energy, we believe in making things right by doing the right things. Our actions and decisions align with our principles and beliefs. Transparency and open communication are encouraged, celebrated and practiced. Whenever we face a situation that challenges our integrity, we do not hesitate to speak up. 

Trust and reliability power our relationships, whether they be with our colleagues, customers, contractors, shareholders, suppliers or other stakeholders. We have a choice to make decisions that are appropriate, fair and do not negatively impact our colleagues or the way we do business. We take accountability for our actions and welcome new challenges and solutions.


We cultivate a collaborative culture to excel

We refer to ourselves as the YDE family! We disregard geographical barriers and instead, we work collaboratively as one team with internal and external stakeholders towards shared goals. 

In the YDE family, we leverage diversity to create better outcomes, be innovative and improve the way we work. We share opinions, rely on each other, embrace different perspectives, and celebrate each other’s successes.  We foster a caring and helpful environment as we shape the future together. We are committed to building strong and effective relationships and to bringing our authentic selves to work every day.



We are agile in our approach to drive innovative solutions

Yellow Door Energy prides itself in being agile. By moving quickly and being open to change, we are better positioned to innovate. We embrace change and adapt to it through flexibility in mindsets, proactivity in problem-solving and constant improvements as we grow. 

Our open-door policy and flat organizational structure facilitate the exchange of ideas and enable fast execution. We understand that agility and adaptability are critical to success. 

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