Yellow Door Energy Speaks about Solar Leasing at Future Energy East Africa

Omar Sadder, Business Development Manager of Yellow Door Energy, presented a technical workshop on solar leasing at the Future Energy East Africa conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Over 100 industry professionals attended the workshop and asked engaging questions about the feasibility of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Kenya, as well as the benefits of a solar lease.

Solar leasing is a viable solution for business in Kenya to have clean, reliable energy generation on site. There is keen interest from consumers to benefit from energy from the sun, and Yellow Door Energy is here to facilitate the process.”

Omar Sadder
Business Development Manager
Yellow Door Energy

In his presentation, Omar acknowledged that manufacturers currently face many energy challenges, such as:

  • Paying for expensive grid electricity;
  • Facing uncertain future grid prices;
  • Using non-renewable energy source;
  • Allocating resources to a non-core expertise.

Yellow Door Energy’s solar leasing solution addresses these challenges by providing manufacturers with the following benefits:

  • Pay no upfront investment for the solar plant;
  • Lower electricity bills;
  • Fix the solar electricity price during the lease term;
  • Generate clean renewable energy;
  • Support Kenya’s 2012 Energy Plan;
  • Focus on the manufacturer’s core business;
  • Reduce risk by entrusting the solar plant to the experts.

Overall, the Future Energy East Africa Conference was a resounding success, with endorsements from the region’s high-level government officials. Additionally, exhibitors, speakers and hundreds of attendees shared insights and exchanged ideas on how the power sector can help Kenya realize its goal of becoming a middle-income industrializing nation by 2030. Congratulations to the organizers on a successful conference and we look forward to furthering the dialogue and action on the future of energy in East Africa.

Please visit this page to learn more about the conference and its organizers.

Photo Credit: Spintelligent Events

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