Yellow Door Energy & Elcome sign agreement to begin installation of a 311 kWp Rooftop Solar PV Plant in Dubai, UAE

Yellow Door Energy signs an agreement to begin installation of a 311kWp solar PV plant at Elcome’s headquarters located in Dubai Investments Park, Dubai, UAE. Elcome is one of the world’s leading marine technology system integration and services company that employes a work force of over 500 people in 11 countries. Yellow Door Energy will manage the construction, operation and maintenance of the solar PV plant for the next 20 years. The solar lease structure elimantes the need for Elcome to make a capital investment and take operational risk, allowing them to focus on their core business. 

Jimmy Grewal, Executive Director of Elcome, said, “We design and deliver cutting edge electrical and automation systems for ships of all types, helping our customers improve the efficiency of their fleets. It was time for us to do the same for our headquarters in Dubai.”

“The first step was to partner with Yellow Door Energy to source a significant portion of our power requirement from clean sources, while saving money in the process. We will be making investments in new energy consumption monitoring and management systems in the coming year to further reduce our dependency on the grid.”

Construction of the project will commence in September 2017 and the plant is expected to be operational by the end of the year. 

The solar PV system will generate approximately 503,050 kWh per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 354 tons annually, which is equivalent to planting 9,162 tree seedlings per year.

Jeremy Crane, CEO of Yellow Door Energy, said, “As a technology leader in Dubai for nearly 50 years, it is natural for Elcome to adopt solar power. We are excited to be able to provide them with an installation at zero cost, which offers them long-term savings.”

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