Yellow Door Energy Completes Massive Rooftop Solar Plant for Future Pipe Industries

October 24, 2020

Yellow Door Energy, a UAE-based sustainable energy provider for businesses, has successfully commissioned a 2 megawatt-peak (MWp) solar plant for Future Pipe Industries (FPI). Located in Dubai Industrial City, the solar plant is expected to generate 3,200 megawatt-hours of clean energy in its first year of operation, equivalent to reducing 1,300 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Completed in time to celebrate the Dubai Solar Show and WETEX, this massive solar plant covers the rooftops of four warehouses totalling 18,000 square meters and comprises of more than 6,000 solar panels. It will meet 40% of the factory’s energy consumption needs and help FPI significantly reduce electricity costs.

“Sustainability is intrinsic to the way we do business at Future Pipe Industries. The solar project with Yellow Door Energy at our DIC facility enables us to reduce our energy costs and lower our carbon footprint, all without any upfront investment. We look forward to having this solar plant generate clean energy for us for many years to come.”

Dirk Matthys
Chief Operating Officer
Future Pipe Industries

“As a leading regional industrial and logistics hub, we prioritise sustainable practices and continue to work closely with our partners from design to completion to ensure their operations are eco-friendly and efficient. The completion of Future Pipe Industries’ solar plant is a milestone for our community and a testament to the UAE’s role as a global platform for innovative companies at the heart of the clean energy movement. We are proud of our business partner’s commitment to sustainability which now means more than 14 megawatts of clean electricity is generated on site at Dubai Industrial City. We hope this will encourage others to explore renewable power with Dubai’s logistics and manufacturing sector poised to play a prominent role in the region’s economic resilience.”

Saud Abu Al-Shawareb
Managing Director
Dubai Industrial City

“We are proud to support Future Pipe Industries’ sustainability endeavor through the development of this solar plant. We hope businesses in Dubai Industrial City will soon recover from the pandemic and consider solar projects to reduce electricity costs. As a Dubai-based solar developer, Yellow Door Energy is honored to contribute to DEWA’s Shams Dubai Program and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050.”

Jeremy Crane
CEO and Co-Founder
Yellow Door Energy

As the solar developer, Yellow Door Energy is responsible for investing in, designing, building, commissioning, operating and maintaining the solar plant for the duration of the contract. Contracting with solar developers is gaining popularity among industrial building owners who want to reduce energy costs without any upfront investment or operational risk, while maintaining focus on their core business and enjoying the benefits of clean energy.

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