Yellow Door Energy Closes 2020 with AED 150 Million Worth of New Projects

December 22, 2020

Yellow Door Energy, the leading sustainable energy provider for businesses in the Middle East, has announced closing 2020 with an impressive AED 150 million (USD 41 million) worth of new projects in the region, including projects in the UAE, Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. In 2020, the company’s operating projects generated 60 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy, equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 36 million kilograms or planting 600,000 trees.

The achievement comes in line with the Company’s vision to power emerging economies reliably, efficiently and sustainably. The projects, which provide affordable solar power to businesses without any upfront investment, also contribute to local sustainability goals in their respective countries, as well as to creating new job opportunities and enhancing economy in local communities.

“Despite unfavorable economic conditions around the globe caused by the COVID-19 situation, we persevered and continued to deliver a strong performance across the region in 2020. This is yet another testimony that sustainability is a top priority for businesses, communities, and governments, and more so during a global crisis.”

“Our mission is to contribute to sustainability goals set by our customers, and to strategies and polices set forth by forward-thinking governments. In the UAE, we are proud to contribute to the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, an ambitious strategy that is set to change the energy sector in the country and the wider region,”

Jeremy Crane
CEO & Co-Founder
Yellow Door Energy

The fourth quarter was a particularly busy period for Yellow Door Energy, as it signed 15 megawatts of solar agreements worth more than USD 10 million of investment. It also secured a USD 50 million facility from APICORP, one of its shareholders. The company is poised for exponential growth as it eyes expansion plans in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

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