The Economist Green Business Summit: Resource Efficiency Panel Discussion

Jeremy Crane, CEO and Co-Founder of Yellow Door Energy, spoke on a panel at the Green Business Summit in Abu Dhabi about resource efficiency and the circular economy. Joining him on the panel were representatives from GE, The Economist and Renewable Energy Association:

  • Manar Al Moneef, President and chief executive officer, GE Renewable Energy for MENAT
  • Nina Skorupska, Chief executive, Renewable Energy Association
  • Gregg Carlstrom, Journalist, The Economist
  • Jeremy Crane, CEO & Co-founder, Yellow Door Energy

The panel speakers had an engaging discussion about resource efficiency and outlined how appropriate policies can help lead to higher economic growth and employment. Various case studies and best practices from the UK, the UAE, Jordan and Italy were shared. The panel speakers agreed that more collaboration is required to approach this interconnected nexus of resources more sustainably.

Overall, the Green Business Summit was a resounding success with numerous insights exchanged among business and government leaders. We hope the attendees enjoyed our panel and look forward to seeing more businesses embrace energy efficiency and solar power as they embark on their sustainable energy transformation.

For more information about the Green Business Summit, please visit this page.

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