Solar Leasing in Saudi Arabia: Rooftop Solar and Net Zero

Yellow Door Energy, the leading solar developer for commercial and industrial businesses in the Middle East and South Asia, recently presented on a webinar about Saudi Arabia’s rooftop and distributed solar market. The company’s representative provided insights into the opportunities and challenges with solar in the Kingdom.

Who was the speaker from Yellow Door Energy?

The webinar was presided over by Oskar Laupsa, Business Development Manager for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. To learn more about Laupsa, please visit

The webinar was organized by EQ International as part of their full-day conference on solar opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Learn more about EQ International here:

What was discussed by Laupsa?

Laupsa presented detailed information about the challenges and opportunities faced by the solar power industry in Saudi Arabia.

The challenges include harsh weather conditions (such as excessive heat, humidity and soiling), a lack of experienced solar contractors, low utility bills (which makes it difficult to convince businesses to switch to solar energy), people’s inclination towards using gensets due to diesel being easily available at affordable prices and lastly, and the existing net billing approach being enforced only on small scale systems.

On the other hand, there are many opportunities with regards to solar and renewable energy in the Kingdom. The opportunities include favorable government regulations, ambitious clean energy targets and availability of natural resources.

What is Vision 2030 and how does it contribute to net zero?

Vision 2030 was announced in 2016 and aims to install 40 gigawatts of solar photovoltaics by 2030. As part of the program, the Saudi Green Initiative was announced in early 2021 and pledges the planting of 10 billion trees.

More recently (and just ahead of COP26), the Kingdom announced it is striving for net zero by 2060. These ambitious energy targets demonstrate Saudi Arabia’s commitment towards becoming a sustainability powerhouse in the region.

To learn more about Vision 2030, please visit

What is the “Shamsi” program?

The Kingdom’s net billing program, aptly called “Shamsi” or “my sun” in Arabic, is also an opportunity to help mid-scale businesses harness the benefits of solar energy. Launched in February 2021, the program aims to increase the installation of solar in the Kingdom. To learn more about the Shamsi program, please visit

Lastly, Laupsa also mentioned the geography of Saudi Arabia as an opportunity. The Kingdom enjoys over 8 hours of sunshine a day throughout the year.

Are solar leases a good choice for businesses?

To help businesses contribute to KSA’s net zero target and support Vision 2030, Yellow Door Energy provides solar leases and energy savings agreements.

With solar leases, businesses can save money and lower carbon emissions, all without any upfront investment. They only need to pay the electricity bill on a monthly basis without having to worry about the expenses involved in building, operating and maintaining the solar plant.

How can the audience get more information?

To learn more about solar for your business, you can give our office a call at +973 3377 7385, send an email to or visit our website at

You can also watch Laupsa’s full presentation below:

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