Solar in Pakistan: Moving Towards a Brighter Future

Yellow Door Energy, the leading solar developer for commercial and industrial customers in the Middle East and South Asia, presented on a webinar about solar energy in Pakistan and how businesses can save money and go green.

The webinar was organized by NEOVENTURE and was attended by hundreds of solar industry colleagues from around the world.

What was the webinar about?

The solar experts discussed the overall outlook of the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry in Pakistan, highlighting cases of rooftop and ground-mounted PV projects in operation and under development. The views and insights from solar developers and investors who have built projects Pakistan were shared with regards to regulations, government policies and analyzing the obstacles and incentives of foreign and local investment in the solar sector.

What was discussed by Yellow Door Energy?

The speaker from Yellow Door Energy was Umer Farooq, VP Investments. In his presentation, Farooq spoke about solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) and how they can help businesses save money and go green. Farooq highlighted Yellow Door Energy’s objectives of providing solar PPAs to commercial and industrial customers in Pakistan, as well as partnering with local reputable and experienced solar PV EPCs.

What is a solar power purchase agreement?

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) enables businesses to save money from the first day of the project’s operation, improve power reliability, lower costs, and enhance sustainability objectives all without any upfront investment.

How has renewable energy been gaining traction so quickly in the Middle East?

Factors such as strong resource availability, ambitious clean energy targets from both government and private sectors, favorable government regulations and more willingness from financial institutions to finance renewable energy projects contribute to the success of renewable energy in the region.

Farooq continued by referring to Yellow Door Energy’s project success stories in Pakistan, UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, underlining the savings, carbon emissions avoided and other benefits customers had from a PPA.

What is energy storage?

Farooq introduced Yellow Door Energy’s newest offering, which is energy storage opportunities. They can be provided both on grid and off grid. Energy storage technologies can store the sun’s power when it shines and for when it does not, generate and control independent power for an off-grid facility, and reduce power outages and unnecessary waste through on-site energy storage.

Overall, the webinar was a success with engaging content and active participation from the attendees. Thank you to NEOVENTURE for the invitation and to co-presenters for their comprehensive market outlooks. We hope the attendees enjoyed the webinar and look forward to seeing more commercial and industrial businesses embrace solar in Pakistan, the MENA region and beyond.

How can the audience get more information?

To learn more about solar for your business, you can give our office a call at +92 423 2020137, send an email to or visit our website at

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