Response to COVID-19

Dear Yellow Door Energy Community,

As you are aware, the coronavirus or COVID-19 is impacting people and businesses worldwide. In the spirit of proactiveness and transparency, we would like to inform you of our actions to-date to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our business.

At the time of this writing, we have implemented the following initiatives to minimize disruption and ensure business continuity:

  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Management: We are working closely with our suppliers from Asia and Europe to ensure business continuity and readiness of equipment such as solar PV modules, mounting structures, inverters, and other equipment.
  • Reassessment of Construction Schedules and Operations & Maintenance Plans: We are working closely with our contractors and suppliers to assess construction schedules and O&M plans and make revisions, if necessary. We are in the process of notifying key parties of any changes.
  • Supervision of Contractors’ Risk Mitigation Plans: We have communicated with all our contractors to ensure they are following all necessary preventative measures on site, such as promoting hygiene practices and rotating and isolating teams to avoid stoppage of work.
  • Adherence to Authorities’ Recommendations: Our Dubai and Lahore offices remain open during office hours and we have permitted some of our colleagues to work remotely. Our Amman office is closed for two weeks starting March 18, 2020 in compliance with the Jordanian government’s requirement for all private businesses. In line with the authorities’ recommendations, we are limiting external meetings and instead are providing videoconferencing solutions to key parties.

As this is an evolving situation, we are constantly monitoring updates from the local authorities. Should there be future restrictions placed on work or travel that impact our business, then we will inform key parties and propose alternative solutions.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience during this challenging time.

Respectfully yours,

The Yellow Door Energy Team

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