Our Values: Embracing Sustainability with Sophia Hasnaoui

At the core of our mission, vision, and values, we have our people! Take a look at what our team members share about their experience working at Yellow Door Energy, and how the company’s core values resonate with them.

What is your name and how long have you been working at Yellow Door Energy?

My name is Sophia Hasnaoui. I graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2005 and worked in several heavy industries in mostly commercial roles. In 2015, after learning about the Paris Agreement at COP21, I decided to transition my career towards a field where I could help businesses become more sustainable and reduce their carbon emissions. I was fully aware of the urgency as I realized how much water and power intensive industries could be.

The renewable energy sector was the perfect match for my ambitions, and thus in early 2019 I joined Yellow Door Energy.

What is your role at Yellow Door Energy?

As a Senior Business Development Manager based in Dubai, UAE, I am responsible for identifying new commercial and industrial business opportunities to generate revenue, improve profitability and help the company grow.

My day-to-day activities include identifying new customers and offering them relevant energy solutions for their businesses. These solutions would give them both economic and environmental benefits. The deal closure and contract negotiation form very important parts of my role and I continue supporting my customers from the contract signing stage all the way to the commissioning stage.

I love working with people from different industries and backgrounds. Together, we create sustainable business relationships and deliver projects that exceed expectations.

Why does the value of “Sustainability” resonate with you?

Sustainability resonates with me both personally and professionally. I am truly passionate about sustainability and deeply believe that individuals, corporations, and governments are important players who can make the energy transition happen. It is very exciting to be a part of it, especially when you live in the Unites Arab Emirates, a country committed to reach Net Zero by 2050.

Companies can no longer consider sustainable development as a side project; it must be fully embedded into their business models as they are now evaluated on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indicators.

On a personal level, I strive to raise awareness about the benefits of the circular economy by encouraging my family, friends, and business partners to be part of the sustainability journey.

How does the value of “Sustainability” help you in your role?

I embrace the sustainability value every single day (among other values of course!). Our business model needs to last, and the impact must benefit the next generations.

It brings me a lot of satisfaction to see warehouses, factories, schools, hotels, hospitals, among other businesses, move towards clean energy by signing solar leases with Yellow Door Energy. It is also exciting to help these businesses optimize their power, water and steam consumption as well as transition to e-mobility.

At Yellow Door Energy, I am proud to have initiated the “Eco Warriors” program, where colleagues help each other develop eco-friendly habits at work and at home.

What is it like to work at Yellow Door Energy?

Working for a value-based company is priceless.

When your personal values are aligned with the company’s values, your motivation is elevated and you’re more enthused about your purpose at work. Yellow Door Energy is a great organization to work for. First and foremost, it is a results-driven culture with high performers. However, the company also works hard to take care of its employees, ensuring work life balance and employee well-being.

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