Our Values: All about Collaboration with Shadi Emran

At the core of our mission, vision, and values, we have our people! Take a look at what our team members share about their experience working at Yellow Door Energy, and how the company’s core values resonate with them.

What is your name and how long have you been working at Yellow Door Energy?

My name is Shadi Emran and I have been working at Yellow Door Energy since 2018.

What is your role at Yellow Door Energy?

I am an asset management engineer in Jordan. My main responsibilities are to monitor the performance of solar power plants on a day-to-day basis, as well as planning, scheduling, and ensuring execution of daily, weekly, and monthly activities. This is to ensure that all our solar plants in Jordan are operating at their optimal level.

How does the value of “Collaboration” help you in your role?

Teamwork and collaboration are essential to success. My role requires constant interaction with different stakeholders, working closely with them to achieve mutual goals.

One of the biggest challenges that we face is unforeseen weather conditions and corrective maintenance work that might affect the performance of solar plants.

By collaborating, we can implement technologies such as complex smart weather sensors, data analysis, robotic cleaning solutions and drone-based technology to identify problems and develop solutions.

What is it like to work at Yellow Door Energy?

Since my first interview with Yellow Door Energy, I knew that the company was going to have a significant impact on my learning experience. From Day 1, the team was open to new ideas.

The company truly values their employees as individuals and will do everything to help each person reach their professional and personal goals.

I am grateful to work with such an experienced team, where I can hone my skills and efforts. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this brilliant team and look forward to many more years of learning.

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