Our Values: Agility in Action with Anza Farrukh

At the core of our mission, vision, and values, we have our people! Take a look at what our team members share about their experience working at Yellow Door Energy, and how the company’s core values resonate with them.

What is your name and what is your career background?

My name is Anza Farrukh. I am a sales professional with a diverse background. Over several years, I have managed multiple brands across the country. Whether it comes to keeping focus on activities to expand reach to a new target audience or identifying customers in the existing market, the end goal has always been to generate multiple revenue channels.

The primary focus through and through is a quick adaptation of the strategy and tactics to successfully execute the plan and achieve the targets. One of the powerful techniques that I mastered along the way is being able to consciously build rapport with internal and external customers to nurture and strengthen new and existing working relationships.

What is your role at Yellow Door Energy?

I am a Business Development Associate at Yellow Door Energy, based in Lahore, Pakistan. My role demands me to be quite agile where persistence is the key. There’s a constant need to not only identify potential customers but open new paths of thought for them, to inspire and open a window into areas they haven’t yet discovered. The objective is to drive sustainable financial growth through boosting sales and forging strong relationships with clients.

Why does the value of “Agility” resonate with you?

Business development, for me, is synonymous with agility where it’s all about being at the forefront and every day is a completely different day. It’s both exciting and challenging when there’s an opportunity to push myself to my limits. From detailed planning to immediate goal reorientation, not only do I need to stay prepared to tackle any sudden changes but also improvise and adapt to keep up the progress and momentum.

When I mention that agility and business development are synonymous, it doesn’t mean that a certain situation is to be approached without a plan. A well-defined sales plan where individual differences among prospects are accounted for, is without a doubt, a successful one. And so, it is significantly crucial to be prepared to the point where one can adjust the plan as details unfold around specific needs, priorities, and timelines.

How does being agile help you in your role?

There was an instance where one of my customers wanted to know in detail about solar power purchase agreements (PPAs). We had a realization that although their management was familiar with the ongoing financial losses, they still couldn’t figure out a way to effectively resolve those issues.

Since we had already conducted a detailed site survey, we uncovered other issues such as voltage fluctuations and power outages. We changed course and proposed a power quality solution, as solar was never a requirement for that customer. We had already done some work and came prepared to offer another option best suited to their requirements. Had we been not agile, we would have lost our prospect’s interest and trust to pursue discussions, altogether.

What is it like to work at Yellow Door Energy?

Working at Yellow Door Energy is both meaningful and challenging. I certainly believe that one can only experience personal and professional growth when one recognizes the value of a challenge through overcoming it. Here at Yellow Door Energy, every day is a new day where I get to be creative and self-worth is developed.

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