Jordan Hospital and Yellow Door Energy sign agreement to build a 4.7 MWp solar power plant

Yellow Door Energy (YDE), signed an agreement with Jordan Hospital to build, develop and operate a 4.7 MWp PV solar power plant. The partnership comes as part of Jordan Hospital’s efforts to reduce its COfootprint by moving to electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

Yellow Door Energy’s operations are fully compliant with the net metering and wheeling regulations in Jordan and Dubai. The legislation allows companies to generate energy and make use of solar power.

“As part of the hospital’s energy diversification strategy, we’re looking at meeting our electricity needs through power generated by natural resources [while] reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Ahmad Khattab, managing director of Jordan Hospital.

Jordan has historically relied on imports to meet around 97 per cent of the country’s energy needs, costing nearly 18 per cent of its GDP, according to the country’s energy ministry.

The need to diversify its power mix has increased over the past few years as Jordan’s state-owned utility has suffered from financial losses from fuel imports and electricity subsidies.

“In addition to helping reduce operating costs, the project will enable the hospital to serve as a successful model for promoting renewable energy projects in Jordan and abroad,” said Jeremy Crane, chief executive of Yellow Door.

Like Dubai, Jordan allows solar to be deployed under a net metering system. Customers can use renewable energy applications to generate power with any left over fed back into the grid. Customers receive a credit on their next bill if any excess electricity is produced.

Jordan’s solar programme has been so popular that it increased its target to 1,000MW from 600MW last year.

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