110 Megawatts of Solar Success: Yellow Door Energy Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

August 16, 2020

Yellow Door Energy, a sustainable energy provider for businesses, celebrated its fifth anniversary with an impressive milestone of 110 megawatts of distributed solar assets in the UAE, Jordan and Pakistan.

The company’s solar projects have generated over 50 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy to-date, enough energy for an electric car to travel the distance from Earth to the Sun and back. Yellow Door Energy’s solar projects have also eliminated 21,600 tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent to removing 4,700 passenger cars off the road.

“Five years ago we saw a future where businesses could generate the power they needed for themselves. Having supported the first businesses in the Middle East and Pakistan on this sustainable energy transition, we are more confident than ever in our vision. On the personal front, I am immensely thankful for all the support from my colleagues and partners who have shared in this vision. Our success will mean a cleaner, more efficient, and more resilient world.”

Jeremy Crane
CEO & Co-Founder
Yellow Door Energy

“We are honored to contribute to Jordan’s renewable energy targets, while making Jordanian businesses more efficient and competitive. As the leading solar developer in the country, we hope to continue to help businesses recover from COVID-19 challenges and increase solar energy adoption in Jordan and beyond.”

Mohammad Zawati
Country Director
Yellow Door Energy

Earlier this year, Yellow Door Energy signed its first solar contract in Saudi Arabia and opened an office in Pakistan. The company continues to eye further expansion to help more businesses reduce energy costs, improve power reliability and switch to clean energy.

View Full Press Release – English (PDF)
View Full Press Release – Arabic (PDF)

To mark our fifth anniversary and celebrate 110 megawatts of solar success, our colleagues shared congratulatory messages in their own languages. Please take a look at the video below and make sure the volume is turned up!

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