Hybrid systems can help businesses access reliable and cost-effective supply of power, while reducing their reliance on generators.

Businesses can now operate efficiently in places where the power access is not sufficient to meet their demands, or in remote locations without access to the grid.

This is especially important in locations where having back-up power is critical in maintaining business operations by addressing load shedding and demand shifting issues.

What is a hybrid system? 

A hybrid system is an energy generation system composed of several sources of energy.

This could include:
• Solar PV
• Wind Turbines
• Diesel or Gas Generators
• Energy Storage

Hybrid systems can range from small independent solutions to large complex multi-megawatt systems powering large factories. Hybrid power can be both on-grid or off-grid.

What is an energy storage system?

A subset of the hybrid system, an energy storage system is used to capture energy and retain it for use at a later time.

Unlike solar PV or wind turbines, a storage system can provide energy on-demand.

Energy storage can take multiple forms, the most common of which is a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

A BESS has several usages but is most commonly included within a broader hybrid system.

What applications does Yellow Door Energy provide within Hybrid?

We provide three main applications: Clean Energy +, 24/7 Energy Service and Grid Support +.
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How does it work?

To learn more about hybrid systems, energy storage and on-grid and off-grid applications, please take a look at this video presented by our hybrid solutions expert. The video is in English only.

What are the benefits of a hybrid system?

Access 24/7 uninterrupted power supply

Improve power reliability and power quality

Improve energy security

Reduce reliance on fossil fuels and exposure to price volatility

Reduce carbon footprint and contribute to Net Zero targets

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