No Upfront Investment • No Operational Risk • Shared Savings

What is a Shared Energy Savings Contract?

A contractual arrangement between your business and Yellow Door Energy.

Yellow Door Energy takes on all the financing and operational risks to support the energy retrofit and manages the project with a qualified energy services company (ESCO).

You pay Yellow Door Energy with a portion of the energy that is saved.

Why a Shared Energy Savings Contract?

Provide no upfront investment and use the savings for your core business activities;

Focus on your core business and entrust the retrofit to Yellow Door Energy and its certified energy services companies (ESCOs);

Enjoy guaranteed and shared savings as per the terms of the contract.

Businesses today face many challenges: 

Doing more with less
money and fewer resources

Coping with rising and
uncertain utility prices

Managing stakeholders’ increased
awareness and expectation for
sustainable business practices

Energy efficiency initiatives address these challenges by enabling businesses to:

energy consumption

Reduce utility bills
by 10-20%

Reduce CO2 emissions
and enhance sustainability

A shared energy savings contract helps businesses retrofit their facilities without any upfront investment, thus enabling them to do more with less money and fewer resources.

How Does It Work?


Reduce Energy Consumption • Reduce Utility Bills • Reduce Carbon Emissions

Fujairah, UAE

+13% reduction in utility bills
5 years of shared savings, after which all savings belong to customer 
May 2017 commission

InterContinental Hotel
Abu Dhabi, UAE 

+39% reduction in diesel consumption
5 years of shared savings, after which all savings belong to customer 
March 2018 commission

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