No Upfront Investment • No Operational Risk • Guaranteed Performance

Businesses today face many challenges: 

Doing more with less
money and fewer resources

Coping with rising and
uncertain utility prices

Managing stakeholders’ increased
awareness and expectation for
sustainable business practices

Solar power addresses these challenges by enabling businesses to:

Switch to a clean
source of energy

Lower utility bills
by 10-30%

Reduce CO2 emissions
and enhance sustainability

A solar lease helps businesses transition to solar power
and do more with less money and fewer resources.

What is a Solar Lease?

A performance-based long-term contract which does not expose you to any technical or performance risk on your solar plant.

Yellow Door Energy manages all stages of the solar plant and you pay a monthly solar bill once the solar plant starts producing electricity.

This is a Build-Own-Transfer structure so the solar plant belongs to you at the end of the lease.

Why a Solar Lease?

Provide no upfront investment and only pay when the plant starts producing electricity;

Focus on your core business and entrust the solar plant to Yellow Door Energy;

Manage electricity costs in the long-term with a known solar lease payment, which is lower than the local utility’s tariff.


Switch to Clean Energy • Save on Utility Bills • Reduce Carbon Emissions



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